GD Assist on World Thalassemia Day

Though GD Assist was only launched in 2014, it has already begun following the footsteps of its mother organization, Green Delta Insurance Company, in conducting worthwhile CSR activities. The company observed World Thalassemia Day this year, 8th of May 2017, to both create awareness on the subject and perform their part as a socially responsible organization.

With increasing world awareness on the various medical problems plaguing society, corporations too have begun contributing towards relieving the pain of the masses. GD assist is in the business of providing value added services to the healthcare industry of Bangladesh. They have made receiving proper healthcare easier by acting as the one stop communication solution to receiving medical treatment. Being in the business of providing healthcare facilities, Thalassemia is naturally a closer concern for the company.

While statistics vary, as per World Health Organisation there are 7{7e077908c7bc2ea01483582585a246c16e5b2d9e20f22f8f0114408d8db76d2d} Thalassemia carriers in the country. For a population of 16 crore that is quite significant. Moreover, as most are ‘silent’ carriers a majority of these people do not even realize they are carrying the gene inside them making them ill prepared for future complications. Thalassemia is a hereditary disorder which is classified into two major types, alpha and beta, that are named after defects in the haemoglobin chains. Untreated, Thalassemia major can lead to multiorgan failure.

Keeping in mind the seriousness of the disease, GD Assist used this opportunity to organize blood camps in association with Bangladesh Thalassemia Institute in different corporate houses of Dhaka city. Blood donation is one of the greatest acts of charity and is one which is greatly needed as well. Extra blood is required for a number of medical procedures and thalassemia patients especially require regular blood transfusions. By providing a platform for blood donation, GD Assist had not only assisted the patients to whom this blood will bring a new life but the firm has also benefitted the corporate staff who were able to do social good through GD Assist’s initiative.

The firm also provided free consultation sessions to the employees of the different corporate houses in the city. The session was conducted by hematologist Dr. Itsara Anongjanya of Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand which is one of GD Assist’s partner hospitals. During the session, the participants learned valuable facts and where able to clear out their queries and confusions on Thalassemia and other topics as well. Dr. Anongjanya also provided free consultation to children suffering from Thalassemia under GD Assist’s program. Needless to say, having a world renowned doctor provide feedback on their medical condition was a big help for the patients as it provided them a clearer perspective on their situation. Moreover, being children they learnt some valuable information regarding their situation from the program which perhaps they might not have had the chance to find out otherwise.

Social media plays a major role in our lives. It is undoubtedly the most effective medium for creating awareness as well as to interact with the wider audience. Making use of this innovation, GD Assist came up with an online event called – Thalassemia Challenge where people from different walks of life promised to donate blood to the Thalassemia Patients whenever required. GD Assist thereby created a group of prospective donors for Thalassemia patients to reach out to in times of need. The firm is also working on making a database for Thalassemia patients in association with Bangladesh Thalassemia Association and Quantum Foundation to make the reaching out easier and more systematic as well. Thalassemia patients require blood transfusions routinely and so this initiative by GD Assist will greatly provide relief to hospitals and patients who can easily find a donor through the database.

Several companies in Bangladesh still have not embraced the concept of doing charity wholeheartedly. More are increasingly entering the field every year. However, of the companies which do work towards building a strong CSR reputation, the thought put behind GD Assist’s World Thalassemia Day commemoration is notable as it targets specific sectors of the system that required intervention. The online database of prospective donors solves a big loophole in the system and by providing young patients with free consultations GD Assist had truly performed a generous deed.

The importance of knowing whether one is a silent carrier cannot be emphasized enough. While silent carriers aren’t themselves at risk generally, they do pass on the genes to their children who may suffer from this serious illness’s symptoms. The consultation session arranged by GD Assist for the corporate houses was thereby another important contribution to society.

World Thalassemia day this year was therefore quite a big success due to GD Assist’s contributions.  While companies are increasingly performing CSR, GD Assist’s initiative was highly valuable to the cause and each of their programs turned out to be very successful.


An employee from a renowned corporate house donating blood at Blood Camp Organized by GD Assist in association with Bangladesh Thalassemia Institute


Dr. Itsara Anongjanya, Hematologist from Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok providing free health advice regarding Thalassemia to the employees of a renowned corporate house, later he also provided one to one free health consultation.

Dr. Anongjanya providing free consultation to children suffering from Thalassemia 

A Thalassemia Patient of Bangladesh Thalassemia Institute 

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