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GD Assist also runs several programs to build awareness among general people on health related issues. Over the year GD Assist has built a partnership with different foreign hospitals and while they work along together will promote each other through their various activities.

Some of the main activity includes free consultation with different foreign and local doctors. Patients seeking will be able to book appointments with the medical consultants / doctors from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India.

GD Assist has taken the initiative to bringing doctors around the globe and arranging seminars, health talk sessions as well as providing free consultations. The transformation which GD Assist has brought in the health sector of Bangladesh is changing the lives of many people. Here convenience is not the only advantage you will be getting from this service; there are many more things which make it a viable option for health and medical consultations.

how to book appointment

you can contact us via email:  or call us on 16457; 01617666888 for more information and prices

Services Beyond Border

Booking an Air Ambulance is easy!

Moreover GD Assist In co-operation with 41 hospitals, pharmacy and diagnostic centers can offer a wide range of discount and other value added services to its valued clients. Besides that GD Assist is also engaged in conducting corporate health talk seminars, roadshows & campaigns to increase awareness during different public health days.

for appointments please contact 16457; 01617666888 or you can email us to