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Medical Tourism, sometimes called “health tourism”, is the practice of traveling to another country to receive health care. Procedures abroad can offer a 30-80 savings, simply because the cost of living is less expensive. As healthcare turns costlier in developed countries, the medical market in developing countries is expected to grow remarkably. Cost-effective treatments, availability of inexpensive flights, increased marketing, and online consumer information are driving the market.

This has led to the emergence of several medical tourism corridors like India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia,Taiwan, Mexico and Costa Rica; with India having the second largest number of accredited facilities. Chennai, Mumbai, AP, and NCR are the favored medical tourism destinations in India.
The most common types of procedures pursued by patients include elective cosmetic surgery, dentistry, organ transplantation, cardiac surgery and orthopedic surgery.

More people are opting to receive medical treatment abroad rather than in their own countries because:
• Certain medical services are not available in their country of residence.
• Their health insurance does not cover the full cost of a procedure.
• Most people are unwilling to compromise their health just because the treatment costs are too high.

Medical Tourism in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a densely populated country. Health care ought to be one of the basic privileges of the community of the country. According to Bangladesh Economic Review 2010,990 person lives in per/sq. kilometer. Unfortunately, medical treatment is not easily available in Bangladesh for which each year a section of patients of the country visit foreign countries for medical ground that medical tourism is a term involving people who travel to a different place to receive treatment for a disease, ailment, or condition, and who are seeking lower cost of care, higher quality of care, better access to care, or different care than they could receive at home. A huge number of patients are visiting outside the country each year for medical purposes.

Currently Twenty- four public medical colleges and hospitals including Unani and Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medical colleges and hospitals were established in the country. In the private sector around fifty medical colleges and Hospitals. Besides there is one University was situated for medical treatment purposes. Recently some private medical hospitals with good qualities were established. But relatively their numbers are too scanty to meet the demands of a highly populated country. The world is in a healthcare crisis, given the ageing population, increasing cost and long waiting patients from developed countries as well as from poor countries such as Bangladesh. Low quality or absence of health care in these countries is making choice for patients who have been travelling to abroad. The Bangladesh government has declared Health Policy but it remains inadequate and ineffective.

Health policies and strategies are not working properly. Actually health sector of Bangladesh faces lack of good facilities both skilled manpower and physical infrastructure, ineffective and inefficient treatment, corruption in the health management, high costs, politics among the health service providers, disparity in production of drugs i.e. high-quality drugs and low-quality drug, lack of inter sector cooperation, etc.

Emergency preparation in the country is very much neglected ,organizational behavior of the health system in maximum hospitals and health centers is very much old dated, managerial process is not updated, community action is not properly developed, limited health research and technologies, Population agenda and Reproductive Health including family program of Bangladesh is not effective one.

Why People Go Abroad For Medical Treatment

1. Cost Effectiveness

Even though most medical tourists consider lower cost as one of the main benefits of medical tourism, but it is not the only factor responsible for its rapidly growing popularity. A major advantage of medical tourism is that the patient can travel to any destination of the world to get the best and most cost effective health care and treatment. The biggest benefactors are those patients, who are not able to avail and access specialized procedures, surgeries, doctors, and facilities like fertility treatment and alternative therapies, in their home country.

2. Quick Health Care

Moreover, individuals with nationalized health care services, like the Thailand and India, who don’t want to wait for medical treatment, are drawn towards health tourism owing to convenience and quick access to healthcare. The prospects of combining treatment with holiday for recuperating, is an added bonus for the patients. There can be nothing more pleasurable than recovering in a relaxing and
spending time in beautiful environment, lying on a beach, or shopping in luxury boutiques.

3. World Class Experts

Besides patients, those involved in medical tourism industry also benefit at large from it, as the health care providers/hospitals/doctors can become world class experts in their areas of specializations by having a wider patient base from all over the world, which in turn increases their profitability in the long run. Globalizing the opportunities for health care provision, medical tourism also contributes in the increasing flow of health information among doctors worldwide. This way, doctors and healthcare professionals gain knowledge about the latest development in the medical industry all over the world.

4. Advanced Equipment and Facilities

If you are tight on budget, then medical tourism is a sure shot way to get access to advanced equipment and facilities along with better personal care. It is much more affordable to avail luxurious hospital stay in foreign hospital than in the United States. In fact, many hospitals specializing in medical tourism are known to offer outstanding quality and services.

5. Quality Service

With the escalating competition among healthcare industry in various countries, hospitals and clinics are prompted to raise their quality standards to attract patients, which proves favorable for the local patients consecutively. Even though the quality standard may vary from country to country, which leaves many potential medical tourists in a dilemma, International accreditation of hospitals and clinics can restore the confidence of patients in this amazing
Benefits You Will Get if You Get Your Service Through GD Assist
GD Assist brings you the first one stop medical solution in Bangladesh where you can find all the medical facilities. From consultation & appointments at the best Hospitals, VISA, Ticketing, Accommodation & Transportation, GD Assist covers all aspects at discounting and affordable rates.

Currently GD Assist is providing their treatment in four countries which is, India, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore.
Their service includes,
• Pre-tour hospital evaluation
• Hospital booking and consultation of specialized doctors,
• Visa application and assistance,
• Tour ticketing and transportation,
• Postoperative and services.

GD Assist also ensures,

1. Affordability and Cost-effectiveness

The low cost of medical procedures, is the number one reason why people go offshore for medical treatments. The savings range between 30 and 80 of the cost that you would normally pay in the USA.
Due to the low prices of medical procedures and surgery abroad, some people worry that medical tourism might be fraud or a scam. The main reason behind the low prices of medical treatments abroad is the low cost of labor in the popular medical tourism destinations.
Although the treatments are cheap, in most cases surgical procedures are performed by well trained experts who are using top notch technology. In addition, the lower costs of malpractice, insurance and administration also contribute to the low prices of overseas medical procedures.

2. High-Quality Healthcare

Many of the doctors and surgeons that offer healthcare services to international patients are trained and certified in Western countries, such as United States and Great Britain. Medical centers all over the world have acquired accreditation from well known international organizations such as JCI, JCAHO and ISO to express their dedication to excellence.
Some institutes and medical centers are members of the NIH (National Institutes of Health), which is a federal agency that gives leadership and financial support to researchers in the field of medicine and health.

3. Immediate Service

Another advantage of medical tourism is the immediate access to health care services. For those who have come from countries with public health care systems, medical tourism offers them the chance to be placed on the priority list. When dealing with matters of health, waiting is not always an option.

4. Improved Flight and Communication Services

Most procedures performed abroad can be scheduled via the internet or by phone. People have the flexibility to book flights and schedule surgery procedures from the comfort of their own home. This eliminates the inconvenience of going to the hospital or clinic for evaluations and assessments. The only time a person has to leave their house is on the day or week of the surgery, or procedure.

5. Travel Opportunities

Even though medical tourism is about obtaining medical care, a side benefit of medical tourism is having the opportunity to travel to another country. For some medical tourists, especially those seeking dental care, cosmetic care or wellness treatments, these can enjoy the opportunity to travel overseas in addition to receiving less expensive healthcare.

6. Simple Procedure

With only four steps you can ensure your quality medical service. First, contact GD Assist for medical quarries and concerns which country is providing best service for your treatment.
Second, submit all the medical documents for hospital evaluation.
Third, confirm appointments with best doctors on hospital evaluation.
Finally, Proceed with VISA, Ticketing & Accommodation processing & travel.
Seeking medical treatment abroad can seem a daunting prospect. GD ASSIST is specialize in facilitating the process, taking care of arrangements such as access to clinics and specialists, travel, visas, accommodation and, in some cases, sight-seeing and leisure activities.

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