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Halal Treatment in Malaysia

Thanks to strong cultural affinity, Muslim tourists have long chosen Malaysia, its pristine beaches, broad sidewalks and vast malls as a holiday destination. However today, this Southeast Asian country, where Muslims make up about 60 per cent of the population, is gaining recognition in yet another field in sustaining its ‘visitor dividend’. The country is […]

Gift Good Health This Eid

Are you someone who is always on the look-out for innovative gifting ideas, especially during the joyous festival of Eid, after the holy month of Ramadan? If you think that giving sweetmeats is a thing of the past, giving designer clothes is a boring idea, giving expensive gadgets is unimaginative and giving money is so […]

Sports Medicine: A High-Potential Medical Niche

In sports, injuries are inevitable. Sit back for a few seconds and think of the challenges that athletes face: exhausting training schedules, gruelling fitness sessions, lost matches, excruciating pain, unbearable injuries, heart-breaking failures and personal adversity. The reality is that even when sportspeople are in their peak physical form and specifically train to stay fit, […]

All You Wanted to Know About Thalassemia

Seeking adoption, a couple in Malaysia were happy to have a bonny boy aged about 1 year. The parents were aware that the infant had a medical condition that was listed as thalassemia major. Though earlier, the parents were worried and overwhelmed at their son’s condition, the reality was that the child, who’s now about […]

Second Medical Opinion

How many dealers did you visit before you bought a car? Were you happy with the first quote you got for your kitchen renovation work? Did you assign the job to the first contractor who gave you his costings for upgrading your office? When it comes to your finances, your home, your work or your belongings, […]

Telemedicine: A game-changer in healthcare delivery

A healthcare emergency can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. Take the instance of Bashir ul-Quadir, a 48-year-old taxation consultant who was holidaying in one of the remote islands of Greece. He suddenly fell ill but found it difficult to find a doctor in the vicinity. However, thanks to some quick thinking and a fairly strong broadband […]

Thailand: The world’s preferred healthcare destination

While on vacation, what would you rather do? Laze on the beaches, stroll along the promenade, enjoy the balmy evenings sipping ice tea, shop your heart out and sample the latest dish that has gone viral on Instagram, wouldn’t you? Or would your idea of a vacation ever be of going to a hospital for […]

All You Need to Know About Medical Tourism in India

German. French. Polish. English. Dutch. Chinese. Bangladeshi. Thai. African… You might be tempted to think that these are the various languages of the world. However, you’d be surprised to know that a typical large Indian hospital is a medical sanctuary of patients coming from all of these nationalities and more as they draw benefit from […]

Singapore: A modern healthcare tourism destination

The journey of a medical tourist visiting another country for treatment can be quite predictable. The hospital could be expectedly routine, the staff stiff-collared, the food unsurprising and the overall ambience? As anticipated, what else? However, imagine an experience where you could shop for your favourite dress and accompanying nail-polish on your wireless tablet and […]

The importance of being cancer-wise

The dreaded six-letter word is all the more feared because it is apparently invisible. Cancer can strike anybody, irrespective of gender, profession, ethnicity and class. This article narrates the stories of Sarah and Borhan, geographically separated, and their fight against cancer like million others. While revealing certain statistics on malignancy, readers will also find this […]