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15 useful money-saving tips while travelling abroad for medical treatment

Many would know that travelling abroad for availing medical treatment by itself represents a cost-effective proposition. However, few would know how to minimise the ancillary costs to supplement the overall value offered by overseas medical travel. It also happens that though one budgets for all the primary costs relating to healthcare travel, one might not […]

Balm for the stressed-out corporate employee

Note to self:“It’s not stress that burdens us. It’s our reaction to it that does. So I’ll always stay positive, calm and breathe easy while putting my best at work.” An employee working in a large corporate had pinned this message on his soft-board. A wellness trainer hired by his organisation happened to walk by […]

The importance of including organic food in your daily diet

A number of our readers would have heard about organic food but might not be exactly aware as to what it is. In a simple definition, organic foods are those that have been grown or farmed without the use of artificial chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides), hormones, antibiotics or even genetically modified organisms (GMO). In short, […]

Pedal your way to good health

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, says an ancient Chinese proverb. Cyclists and believers have a more refreshing take as they believe that the journey to good health begins with a single pedal. If one considers the immense benefits of cycling, one will become a believer and take up cycling […]

Ill-effects of plastic on human health

A doctor’s narration of an incident of a patient with symptoms of lung and stomach infection, frequent stomach ache, loose motion and distension underwent every possible investigation. Finally, it was discovered that he had stomach cancer, the cause of which was the presence of excess bisphenol in his blood stream. Unfortunately, by the time it […]

Travel Worry Free

Even though a vast number of people believe that the costs of travelling uninsured can be high, yet few cover their risks by taking a travel insurance policy. As psychologists point out, this dichotomy mostly exists because of the thought: “It’ll never happen to me.” However, the truth is that an accident abroad can not […]

Renowned Global Healthcare Tourism Destinations

The global healthcare tourism market is steadily maturing, reflected in the growing number of patients travelling overseas for medical treatment. Credible industry reports estimate that the global medical tourism market was worth about US$20 billion in 2016 and is projected to record a sharp compounded annual growth rate of 18.8 per cent to reach a […]

Affordable Euro Trip

Many of us have a Euro trip on our bucket list. However, because of the prohibitive expenses involved, we put the trip off for the next year. Sadly however, the next year seldom comes. Worry not! We have illustrated here 20 tips on how you can make your dream Euro trip affordable while realising all […]

Avoid these common slip-ups in visa application

Habib-ul Bashar was excited as his visa for visiting India was successfully granted. After all, he diligently completed the paperwork and provided all the supporting documents to the visa officer. He felt happy that he could now proceed for seeking treatment for persistent pain in his lower back. Alas! The immigration officer at the airport […]

Travel for happiness during Eid

After a month of fasting, prayers and penance during Ramadan, what do you most look forward to? Relaxing along the pristine white beaches and lush natural beauty while scuba-diving and bringing the adventurist out of you? Engaging in some fun and entertaining activities in a tiny island nation that nevertheless packs a punch? Or touring […]