Malaysia is reputed as one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations with modern private healthcare facilities and highly efficient medical professionals. In 2014, Malaysia was ranked the world’s best destination for medical tourism by the Nomad Capitalist. Malaysia was also included in the top 10 medical tourism


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GD Assist is also providing Medical Assistance in the small state of Singapore, which is well-known for its very stringent laws and regulations particularly in the areas involving cleanliness. These regulations are carried over to Singapore’s ultra-high quality levels in healthcare and world-class facilities, making it an ideal destination for medical travelers looking for modern infrastructure, a clean and structured environment, and English-speaking medical professionals


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Medical Tourism in India is one of the best options available to people across the globe. Millions come every year to get treated and then enjoy their recuperative holidays across India. People from different walks of life cut across the entire span of the globe come to India to have their treatments done with peace of mind

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Thailand is leading Asia as a medical tourism destination. Medical tourism in Thailand is booming; pushing other nations down the list. The number of medical tourists that come in Thailand has been steadily increasing since the early 2000’s. This has resulted in the country taking its place on the top of the global medical tourism market. GD Assist holding hands with the top notch hospitals of Thailand has come forward to provide a one stop solution to people traveling to Thailand for medical purpose

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